Spotted Skunk #17-2621

Spotted Skunk #17-2621
Jul 21 2017

A female spotted skunk was admitted July 21 after it was found injured in Lehigh Acres. The skunk had a large, infected wound on the top of its head. It was severely dehydrated and emaciated. Numerous ticks and fleas were found on its body and removed. Pain medications, antibiotics and fluids were administered after its intial intake and will continue as needed. The head wound was flushed, but will need further treatment.

Status Updates

Wound Closed - Jul 25 2017 11:03 am

After a few days of antibiotics and pain medication, the infected wound was debrided (cleaned surgically) and stitched closed. The wound will be checked and cleaned daily to ensure it is healing properly and prevent another infection. The skunk has been very bright and alert. It is eating well on its own and gaining weight.

Bandage changes - Jul 31 2017 8:22 am

Over the weekend, the young skunk was anesthetized so her bandage could be changed. It is important to keep the bandage clean and changed regularly to help the wound heal. The skunk has been very active and was seen running around its enclosure. It also weighed in this weekend at 290 grams, which is up from the 205 grams it weighed at intake.

New Bloodwork - Aug 01 2017 10:08 am

This morning, the young skunk was anesthetized for a bandage change. While it was under anesthesia, blood was drawn to run blood chemistry for the animal. These tests help the veterinarians monitor the level of infection that still remains as well as the nutrition and health of the animal.

Infection proved too severe - Aug 08 2017 8:23 am

Unfortunately, the infection in the skunk's head wound proved to be too severe. The skunk started to show signs that the infection was affecting its neurologic system and humane euthanasia was elected to prevent it's suffering.