North American River Otter (#21-458)

North American River Otter (#21-458)
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Feb 10 2021

North American river otters are the most abundant otter species.  They have playful, sociable personalities.  As semi-aquatic mammals, they can thrive in any water habitat-cold, warm, or high-elevation areas-as long as the habitat provides adequate food.

On February 10, a male juvenile river otter was admitted after being found alone on the side of the road. He presented as a healthy orphan and has been recieving supportive care.

Status Updates

Intake - Feb 10 2021 2:30 pm

Upon initial examination, the patient presented as a healthy orphan. Veterinarians reported no significant findings during the intake exam. The healthy orphan was placed in supportive care to begin on a regular feeding schedule.

Evening Feed - Feb 10 2021 5:00 pm

After being placed in supportive care, the young river otter patient began a regular feeding schedule. A natural, nutritional meal mixture was provided.

Emotional Support - Feb 11 2021 9:00 am

North American river otters are social animals. When an otter is admitted to CROW alone, they can display behavior consistent with feelings of loneliness and depression. Behaviors such as overgrooming themselves or pacing in their recovery enclosure can be counterproductive to healing. Since this otter patient came in alone, the rehabilitation staff was quick to give him a giant stuffed otter for comfort. Inclusion of stuffed animals has proven to have positive effects in an orphaned patient's overall recovery.