Loggerhead Sea Turtle #18-0952

Loggerhead Sea Turtle #18-0952
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Apr 05 2018

A sub-adult female loggerhead was admitted after being found floating near Cayo Costa. Veterinarians say she is severely debilitated, emaciated and covered in epibiota with weeks old injuries (a skull fracture and flipper wound with exposed bone) likely due to a boat propeller. She is currently being treated with IV fluid therapy, antibiotics and nutrition.

Once stabilized, she will need surgery to repair her flipper and a CT scan to determine the extent of the skull injury.

Status Updates

Placed in Shallow Water Tank - Apr 10 2018 11:15 am

The turtle has shown improved mentality and was placed in a shallow freshwater tank today. As a result of being in freshwater, much of the epibiota has began to die and fall off. The turtle began swimming and even ate some squid. Veterinarians hoping by next week, the turtle will be stable enough to perform the CT scan on its head and address its injured flipper.

Potassium Levels Up - Apr 13 2018 2:55 pm

Blood tested today revealed the turtle's potassium levels have increased and remained up since the last fluid therapy treatment. For the time being, fluid therapy has been discontinued as long as the potassium levels remain within normal limits. The turtle has began eating soft food, such as squid with the beaks removed, well on its own including over 20 squid in one feeding. Rehabilitators plan to start offering other items such as fish and crabs.

Update - Apr 18 2018 11:06 am

According to the veterinary staff and rehab team, a turtle's skull has two layers. Based on radiographs, they do not believe that the turtle's skull fracture penetrates past the first layer, meaning the brain is not affected. A computed tomography (CT) scan is being planned in the near future to confirm if this is the case.