Bald Eagle (#21-918)

Bald Eagle (#21-918)
Mar 13 2021May 07 2021

Bald eagles fledge at about eight to 12 weeks. Prior to their first flight, nestlings will flap their wings in the nest or while jumping to an adjacent branch.  Their first flights are generally downward glides from the elevated nest to lower branches or the ground.

On March 13, a nestling bald eagle was admitted from Bokeelia after it fell from the nest and was found on the ground.

Status Updates

Intake - Mar 13 2021 1:30 pm

Upon initial examination, the nestling was emaciated and had feather lice. The eagle weighed in at 2.3 kilograms. Radiographs revealed there was a metacarpal fracture in the right wing. The patient was placed under supportive care in the ICU.

Feeding Plan - Mar 14 2021 12:29 pm

The nestling was placed on a feeding diet to continue healthy growth. Hospital staff began with tong feedings and a variety of different fish. The fish were cut into manageable pieces with the spines and bones removed.

Self Feeding and Moved out of ICU - Mar 16 2021 10:00 am

The bald eagle patient is now eating fully on its own. The hospital staff has been leaving pre-measured, cut up, de-boned fish in the cage so the patient can eat when it wants. The nestling was moved out of the ICU into rehab and remains under close monitoring and supportive care.