A collection of recent videos by CROW about patients, releases and treatments. Be sure to follow our channel on YouTube so you don't miss any of our videos!


A male North American river otter was recently released after a four-month long recovery for a broken femur after being hit by a car.



23 Florida softshell hatchlings were released on May 15. The turtles hatched just before Mother's Day on May 12. They had been incubating at CROW since February 27.


A North American river otter patient attempts to catch some live fish in his enclosure. the otter is recovering from a fractured leg after being hit by a vehicle.


CROW's education ambassador Violet, an eastern indigo snake, was recently upgraded to a larger enclosure. The enclosure features a burrow and substrate to mimic her natural environment.


A great blue heron is released after having two fishing hooks removed from its body.


An American white pelican was released at J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge after recovering at the CROW Clinic from symptoms consistent with red tide poisoning.


An adult brown pelican, a juvenile brown pelican, and a double-crested cormorant are released on a Sanibel beach after recovering at the CROW hospital.


A red-shouldered hawk is released at the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge after nearly three months of recovery. The hawk was struck by a vehicle crossing Alligator Alley (I-75) and wedged in the grill.


An adult bald eagle, recovering from a fractured coracoid bone, practices flying while in an outdoor enclosure. 


A group of nine orphaned mottled ducklings whose mother was hit while crossing the road enjoy some tub time.