About the Wildlife Hospital

The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW)  hospital is a fully equipped 4,800-square-foot state-of-the-art facility designed to care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.  The objective is to provide the medical and rehabilitative treatment necessary to assure that recovered patients can be released back to the wild.

CROW’s reputation as a teaching hospital has attracted students from a vast number of veterinary schools in the country, as well as internationally.  Students work long hours and are very dedicated to learning how to care for the native and migratory species that CROW sees as patients. 

In 2018, CROW accepted 35 Extern students (three to 12 weeks), eight Fellows (intensive six months), three DVM Interns (one for the full year and two for half the year) and two Wildlife Care and Education Interns. Together, these students dedicated over 25,000 hours of animal care.  Last year, six foreign countries were represented including Ecuador, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, and West Indies.


Who are our patients?

Each year, CROW’s patient load continues to increase. In 2018, there were 4,760 patients admitted which represented 201 different species of native and migratory wildlife. The first 24 hours after admission are the most critical. For all patients admitted to CROW in 2018, the survival rate was 36 percent, but the rate greatly increased for those patients who survive the first 24 hours. 

Where do our patients come from?

Thanks to the amazing help from veterinary clinics located throughout the county that serve as drop-off locations, our dedicated VERTs (Volunteer Emergency Rescue & Transport), and wildlife lovers who rescue injured, sick, or orphaned animals, CROW is able to accept wildlife patients from throughout Lee County and beyond.


Reasons for Patient Admissions in 2018:  

Unknown Trauma 699
Fell from nest 578
Brevetoxicosis (Red Tide) 574
Abducted/habitat destruction 471
Hit by car/window strike 468
Unknown 461
Orphaned 440
Exotic/Invasive Species 407
Cat/Dog attack 333
Systemic/infectious disease 166
Misc. natural events   119
Misc. caused by humans  106
Predator Attack  102
Fishing hook/line  101
Human attack/gunshot   22
Boat Strike   12
Electrocution 11
Parasiticide/Rodenticide Toxicosis     8
Distemper 5


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